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The constant rains and storms deteriorate, crack and damage the roofs, this is when Waterproofing becomes a priority to give extra protection to your commercial or residential roof.

Water is an element that gives life, but with ceilings is not so beneficial, because it causes a continuous deterioration, creates rust, cracks, weakens the material that touches, causes harmful leaks that crack or pick up the roof. And these damages can easily reach the interior of the property, causing critical situations, causing damage and damage in its path. Not only rainwater can create problems, there are other areas with circulation, such as pipes in bathrooms and kitchens that must have adequate resistance so that a possible leak or a minimum filtration does not become a disaster.

This resistance to water is given by applications of liquid membrane layers, a long-lasting coating that has properties with high resistance to temperature and humidity, which will cover any crack where water can leak. This improvement is suitable for various roofs, but is even more favorable for flat roofs since they do not have the help of gravity to slide the water so there is always an accumulation. A rusted and cracked roof can be transformed into a renewed and solid structure that will protect your property and also resist weather conditions.

This Waterproofing is vital to increase the useful life of the roof and also prevent damage in this or in interiors, which in the long run could be more expensive. It is easy to apply and the extra weight it generates on the roof is little, but always hire a qualified and qualified staff that solves all your doubts clearly and without false promises, if you think that your roof needs this improvement.

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