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Torch Down

Surely you have heard the name of the Torch Down technique for roofs and even if you have not heard it is important to realize this question if you want to prolong the life of your roof. What are the real benefits of this and in which ceilings is it more convenient to install it?

First of all, this method will make your current roof more resistant, making it more durable and having to invest less in future repairs. The strong summers tend to cause havoc, this technique is conducive to reduce the temperature of the roof, greatly prevents a possible fire, protects from leaks and additionally will give an extra protective layer by possible fall of fragments or materials dragged by wind currents. It is necessary to mention that this type is ideal especially in flat roofs, since they prevent the accumulation in its surface. Last but not least, its maintenance is pocket friendly, which is a good option in economic terms.

How does it work?
An insulating waterproof layer is installed, which not only has a long useful life of between 15 and 20 years, without the need for continuous repairs due to the high resistance of its materials, repairs will be necessary in extreme cases. In addition, it allows to have an extra protective isolation in the ceiling, giving it a resistance against the rays of the sun or the rain.

Is the installation complicated?
The Torch Down installation is very simple since no abrasive materials are needed for its placement, so you will not have to leave the site, as it usually happens with other materials that produce harmful and uncomfortable vapors that can leave strong odors for up to months. Remember that this installation must be carried out by qualified and qualified personnel, who will guide you in the process of whether this is the most appropriate option for your roof.

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