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Slate Roofing

Pros and cons of the Slate Roofing:

  • Its duration: this kind of roof can last hundreds of years, which in turn has a reduced impact with the environment, given that they do not have to change or replace the complete pieces but partial, in comparison with the debris of ceilings with shorter life.
  • High resistance to fires: climate change is real and causes high temperatures to rise to such a point that a fire occurs more easily, so that low-flammability materials make it a roof with high resistance to extreme climates .
  • Its aesthetics: the Slate Roofing makes the property visually more pleasant and attractive, so you can value the property. This is usually the main factor by which people opt for this roof; If you like to have a roof that highlights and embellishes your property this is the best option.

  • This type of roof due to its materials has a high weight, so the structure where it is mounted must be capable of resisting it.
  • The tiles are fragile against possible footsteps, if someone must climb to the ceiling for some reason, such as installing an antenna or cleaning up some debris, the material can easily fracture with the application of an extra weight.
The cost is a neutral variable that can not be classified as a benefit or against, since, although it is usually more expensive compared to other types of roofs, its duration is longer. Therefore, in the long term these variables are compensated.

Additionally, the important thing when making the slate roofing installation is to hire qualified and qualified personnel, since a bad installation would lead to the mentioned benefits not being used.

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