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Foam Roofing

A great option to protect both residential and commercial roofs is by using foam; it is a rigid material that becomes an excellent insulator that covers possible leaks; In addition to being a lightweight and moldable material which makes it can be installed on almost all types of ceilings.

The biggest benefits of Foam Roofing are waterproofing and insulation, which lead to a reduction of the temperature inside the property, through the creation of a thermal barrier thanks to its density; This can lead to energy savings in intense summers, since it has an impact on reducing the use of air conditioning inside the property. This energy saving, especially in commercial properties, can have a great benefit in the cost of electric bills. It is resistant to footsteps in the face of light traffic due to the malleability of its materials. Another benefit for commercial properties is the coverage of the areas adjacent to holes, which are common to find in this type of property, such as pipes, vents, etc.

In spite of the myths or what you can think of the weakness of a foam, it is extremely resistant and additionally it is installed with resistant layers that make it even more resistant, making it even waterproof. So the truth is that it is a high quality material and its performance can last several years with proper maintenance (which is not very frequent); It lasts even longer than a traditional roof.

Hiring the right company, with the experience, the guarantee and the support, will make the installation of Foam Roofing quick and easy; that yes evaluating like first measurement, that it is the best option for its ceiling.

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