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Silicone Roofing

Apply a Silicone/ElastoMeric Coating to your roof, it will bring as a benefit the creation of a layer resistant to the sun's rays, thanks to the ideal mixture of its components. This thermal heat, as well as other climatic in clemencies, wear out the roofs little by little and in the long term their ceilings can suffer irreparable damages. Moisture will no longer be a problem thanks to its insulation properties! Its flexible material with high adhesion allows it to easily adhere to any surface thanks to its density, it can easily redirect any water flow to the drain points. In addition, any crack in the roof can be easily covered with this coating. It is one of the fastest solutions in its application, long-lasting and low cost to make an immediate reinforcement to your roof. Its high reflectivity allows energy savings.

The impermeability properties of its compounds will give it a high resistance against dirt and even chemicals; as well as resistance to fungi and mold. These materials, as well as the workmanship usually come with a guarantee of waterproofing for several years, so you must select a responsible and committed to the client that ensures these benefits and although it works on almost all types of roofing, they will they will say with authority if it is applicable in the material of which their roof is. If you already have an excellent roof with multiple benefits, even so, you can add Silicone/ElastoMeric Coating that will add to magnify these benefits, for example, a greater reduction in cooling costs to have an additional reflector, less wear thanks to the reflection of heat; What will allow you to give your current roof a longer life!

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