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roofing replacement

Roofing Replacement

When is it necessary to replace my roof ?
A deteriorated ceiling leads to other damage to your property, it affects floors, walls, and in extreme cases the belongings of your home. And the most important, the safety of you and your family. It is essential to take into account the following signs, to detect if your home needs a roofing replacement:

  • Filtration inside the home; visible spots of water on walls, cracked paint, etc.
  • Mold or fungus in large quantities, which weakens the roof.
  • A high percentage of cracked or twisted tiles.
  • Excessive loss of roof fragments.
  • The structure has lost its form.
When in doubt, consult a professional to advise you, in the long run it may be more expensive, if you do not take appropriate measures. Remember that roofing replacement is better left to qualified experts, specialized and accredited personnel; not only for security, but also for regulations. There are several options in the market, not always the cheapest or the most expensive will be the most important variable; You must have certain elements in consideration to hire the suitable personnel. The most important thing is that they have all the permits and insurances, the use of high quality materials and in short that you have the option to choose between several materials, and last but not least, that you get a guarantee for the work you pay for!

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