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Tile Roofing

The most striking of Tile Roofingis the multiple diversity in its options, you can achieve a unique style of materials, shapes and colors, in hot or cold climates; for this reason the almost infinite possibilities easily fits the taste of most people. The only possible impediment is that it can become more expensive than other roof systems in the short term, but given that it can have an average duration of 50 to 100 years in the long term this will be cushioned. In addition, the maintenance required for proper operation and care is minimal.

The tiles are designed with materials that emerge from the earth and not products that carry a chemical process, so it is eco friendly and its materials are usually 100% recyclable. The strength of these materials makes it difficult to crack or break, unless they receive a strong impact. The disadvantage that arises from this type of material is its high weight, for which the structure must be able to resist it or it needs a structural reinforcement for its installation. Also, they are not suitable for roofs with extremely straight inclinations.

Leaks are an extremely rare problem of Tile Roofing so this should not be a concern. It absorbs to some extent the different temperatures, so it helps with the regulation of the temperature inside and are highly resistant to severe winds.

If you need help in the customization of this type of roof, contact experts who guarantee the best experience and can not only enjoy its pleasant aesthetics; but for peace of mind be 100% sure that it will be installed correctly.

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